Friday, September 24, 2004

Two very different meanings

Last night I had dinner with a former work colleague of mine, R, who is visiting on the pretext of professional development. After a delightful meal and many shochus, the conversation took a turn towards a more intimate nature.

We began comparing first kisses, when you knew you were either straight or gay, and in my case, inappropriate sexual offers that I have made (to a gentleman that R currently works with). This gentleman in question is quite attractive (well, to me anyhow) and possesses are large nose. At the point of mentioning this, I just raised my eyebrows quizzically to let R infer my meaning. R responded with a comment along the lines of "Lesbian friends of mine have told me about the virtue of a large nose."

I must admit at this point to being a little naive in the world of lesbian sex. Since I am straight, I have not had the great pleasure of pleasuring or being pleasured by a woman. So, when a gay male friend is telling me that lesbians have a theory on large noses - I must admit to being confused.

At great embarrassment to both R and I, he then went on to explain that apparently a large nose is of great advantage when performing cunnilingus. While the tongue is engaged in one locale, the proboscis can attend further up the pleasure centre.

After telling me this juicy snippet of information, R looked back down towards his meal with a blush colouring his collar. My only response was a mumbled, "Oh".

I thought it might mean that a woman with a large nose has a large clitoris, since that is what I was thinking of in reference to our large-nosed friend. Apparently not. Another faux pas for me!

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