Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stupid goes all the way to the bone!

And here I am in wonderful Ballarat..... hmmmm.

After last week's amazing concert at Melbourne Town Hall, we went on to replicate more brilliance at the Concert Hall of the Opera House. Shortly afterwards, I proved myself a nob of the highest order by "misplacing" my mobile phone, and hence proving that my entire life does in fact revolve around that item. I have been accused of penis envy before. Nay, I don't think I have penis envy while I have a mobile phone within my grasp.

There are those that think me losing my mobile phone a blessing in disguise. There are phone numbers that date back through many blog entries, and even before, of men that I have dated, that really should have been flushed a long time ago. I was confronted last year with an "intervention" of sorts by friends who thought that I was behaving less than appropriate. At that time, they took my phone off me, and removed many phone numbers of "bad" men. But over time, numbers have accumulated and of course, many of these numbers I do not have recorded anywhere else.

So we say farewell to the sexy Priest, the best friend of girlfriend that I shagged, the many boys who remained in there despite his bad behaviour to me. We also say goodbye to B, Shrek and a few others that were never important to rate a mention here. Of course, it also means saying goodbye to the phone number of an opera star who hit on me over the weekend!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, but the opera star who hit on you did have a fiancee!!