Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Aren't you a little old for this?

I spent much of Sunday hunched over a sewing machine. It is that time of year again when costumes are to be sewn and all manner of glamour to be realised in fabric form.

The Tap spectacular for 2005 is but 5 weeks away, and three costumes are to be organised and assembled before then. Somehow, I managed to score myself the job of "Costume Captain" for my class. This gives the dubious honour of organising outfits for 15 or so people, of all shapes and sizes. I have written more emails in the past week, than I think in the past year.

So there was I, directing what is to be cut, what is to be hand sewn, and what has to be re-sewn. Deciding what length is appropriate, what captures maximum stage presence and what is most flattering for a group of middle-aged women of all shapes and sizes. And then I realised. Women my age are usually doing this sort of thing all the time. They just happen to be doing it for their kids.

I am in my mid-30's and I have a "dress-up" box!

Oh fuck.


Katja said...

I remember dress-up boxes. I particularly remember the dress-ups at our neighbours' in Perth, where I was seen at the age of 5 I think, sporting high heels, lipstick and a stripey blue and white bikini top with oranges tucked carefully in the booby bits.

Now when I dress up, it tends to involve lipstick and leather... like any good 'ho!

Anonymous said...

But "Costume Captain" you must admit that we are the BEST assistants any haute couture would want .... you know I'm just waiting for Collette to give me a call when she hears about my cutting prowess! Miss D