Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Killing time

While hopelessly waiting for FTM to ring (allowed time period has nearly expired), I shall self-tag for the latest trend in blogging. Following on the lead from Bliss and Ozbhoy, and probably many others, I typed into Google my name and "needs". These are the results;

(i) Cath needs more greens, fruit and 5-6 small meals a day: gee thanks!

(ii) cath will need replacing: with what or whom I ask you?

(iii) Cath needs to get her act together: get my act together and what?.. tour?

(iv) I think Cath is excellent as she appears the only one who truly sticks to what we love: Now, that is more like what I want to read!
(v) Cath needs some new shoes: Fantastic, I kid you not!

Well, that killed a few minutes... now why hasn't that damned phone rung yet! ~sigh~


Wishtup said...

how depressing... I either need a legal fund or to let Jesus into my life... might need to go in a few pages deep to get something useful!

Anonymous said...

I tried it too, kinda cute and weird at the same time