Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Let me woo you with wondrous words

In what is becoming somewhat of a routine, BB and I went out on Friday night, to take in a show and some dinner. Despite regular dates every week for the last month or so, I am reticent to call it dating. As was pointed out to me the other day, in the past I have had "fuck buddies" for my sexual needs, it seems BB is a "dating buddy" for my social outing needs.

Anyway, BB and I went to see a small local theatre company perform. It was a short play about three guys and their tight-arse holiday adventures. It didn't thrill or inspire me - for some reason, live theatre rarely does. (As opposed to live opera which always excites me.)

As we left, BB and I discussed the performance, and our slight disappointment in its quality. It was then that BB made his profound statement of the evening. Apparently, I am "cursed", as everything he sees with me - he doesn't like all that much.

He is a charmer, yes?

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Donna said...

I don't think I ever had a fuck buddy. I probably was someone else's fuck buddy once or twice.

Stupid lil me!

It must be great having someone you can randomly go on dates with. I used to call them 'back-ups' or 'reliables'.