Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wonders of the world - whatever.

Before I came to Vegas, I had booked myself a couple of activities to take advantage of the sights and sounds around this city. Of course, one of these was Barry, and the other, was seeing the Grand Canyon.

After climbing aboard shuttle buses, and then flying out there in a small aircraft, we were deposited at the first viewing area. As I peered out into the Canyon (or Gorge as it should be named), I was struck by how in fact, it really is just a big hole in the ground. I was waiting to be overcome by some sense of wonder (being one of the seven wonders and all), but alas, no emotional moment happened. I sighed, took a few photos, lamented the lack of mobile phone coverage and headed in toward the hotel that was nearby.

In this hotel, was a "museum" detailing the history of the prior management of the hotel. Apparently, it was run by Mr Harvey, of The Harvey Girls. Now for many people, this revelation would mean little, but being a Judy Garland fan that I am, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a wondrous movie of the 40's was in fact based loosely on the lives of real life girls. In the museum they had a copy of the script from the movie, plus much other naff memorabilia.

Now that got me excited.

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