Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yes, I know. I have been slack with updating my last few days in New York. Now that I am back home, and trying to assimilate into reality, and find a sleeping pattern, I feel far too fatigued to write anything long-winded. So let me be lazy and give a point form update.

1. Went to see "The Odd Couple" starring Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. Seems this duo can do no wrong since their venture with "The Producers". An appreciative audience soaked up their stage antics and wit of Neil Simon. Nathan Lane stole the show.

2. Had lunch in the Rockefeller Centre with Occidentally. It is so weird putting a face and voice to a blogger. Weird, but wonderful as well. A gorgeous New York day, wonderful food, and great conversation. But it is always a little surreal, when a "stranger" knows all your stories. And I forget, and try and retell them. Oh well. Thanks Occ - Come to Melbourne and I will return the favour!

3. I wandered the Guggenheim Museum, and marvelled at some of the works, but moreso at the collective back-patting that the organisation was giving Frank Lloyd Wright for his "cutting-edge" building design. I hated to tell them that he copied it blatantly from the "Vatican Museum" - a MUCH older building. But, who listens to me anyway.

4. I bumped into Alan Rickman in the Guggenheim. I have blogged about him before, and my desire to bear his babies. I swooned. He didn't acknowledge my existence. Sigh.

5. Got an email from the flatmate while I was away, saying he moved out. (What is it with cowardly men and me?) Anyway, apparently, my being on anti-depressants was an issue for him. I think the best response is "Bite Me".

6. Thackeray is still in my life - and it is VERY GOOD.


Anonymous said...

wonderful to have you home safely Miss C, look forward to catching up and hearing all the news, tales and the shopping exploits. Miss D

Anonymous said...

Alan Rickman! Wow, you're a lucky gal :)

Anonymous said...

Truly, Madly, Deeply.


Miss T