Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back in the dating game

Yes I am a bad blogger. But these days it is increasingly difficult to spend hours in front of the computer at home, as Isabella is quite distracting, and demanding. Not that I mind so much. I am still enamoured completely with her. And just because I can't get enough of her, here is another picture!

So - what has been happening you may well ask? Actually quite a bit. I have had three dates in the past week with three different men (all from internet dating). I had originally thought that Isabella would be a good barometer for the men I meet. Often animals are more perceptive of people than humans are, and I thought, if she didn't like someone, it would be a good measure. But so far, her measure of men has not been tested. But the fact that when I have been on these dates, I keep thinking I would rather be home with the cat - I think that shows how poorly these men are impressing me.

Just when I start to think that my charms to the opposite sex may be waning, something happens to bring hope in one's heart. I was shopping for groceries the other day, when I passed a gentleman in the aisle, and he smiled at me. He seemed pleasant enough, casually attired, and obviously friendly. The very next aisle, we passed each other again, and this time he felt the need to approach and comment. But here is where things go prickly. As soon as he opened his mouth, I realised where it all went wrong. He announced that I was quite beautiful, and introduced himself, followed quickly by an offer of his phone number. Sadly, this gentleman was quite obviously mentally challenged. A minor mental disability meant that, other than having superb taste in women, he was quite obviously not for me. I quickly began to politely make my retreat, at which point, he pulled up his t-shirt and showed me proudly his abs.

So there you have it, the only man to found me attractive of late, is mentally disabled. Doesn't bode well does it?


Anonymous said...

Did he have washboard abs?


Anonymous said...

Maybe the experience could be like "Tim" a la Colleen McCullough?!

Anonymous said...

Animals are a great leveller! Someone usually has to be quite something to capture your attention! Glad to hear you are having lots of distracting fun watching Isabella's antics

londongirl said...

That made me laugh. Bless him,

And he's not the only guy to find you attractive - what about the guys you've been on dates with? Surely they wouldn't be there if they didn't fancy you on some level?

phishez_rule said...

Your kitty is sooo cute.

poody said...

girl all men are mentally disabled!
adorable kitty by the way!