Friday, September 28, 2007

I hang my head in shame - but smiling

I had a curious 36 hours - emotionally. As noted previously, I am now running on unleaded having by now detoxed from my anti-depressants after about 7 years of their faithful service.

So far, so good.

But on Wednesday afternoon, I suddenly went from feeling fine, to feeling remarkably flat. A downward spiral that took about 10 mins to achieve. Oh there was a trigger. A very bad bad man. For the next 24 hours, I felt a general malaise. But then last night, I went to a girlfriend's place to do some applique (DO NOT MOCK ME!), and she desired to watch some television.

Within minutes of watching the as yet unnamed show, I was feeling a smile radiate. I was downright chipper. In fact, I began to smirk. Then laugh. Before I knew it, I was guffawing. (NOTE: For your own safety, do not laugh hysterically whilst holding sharp objects.) By the end of the show, I had tears - of laughter - and felt immeasurably better than I had in days.

The show, I am loathe to admit, was "The Footy Show - AFL Grand Final Edition".

Oh the shame. At this rate, I will be watching "A Current Affair" to catch up on all those pensioner rip-offs etc, and enjoying it.

Your help for these dire times is most appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hey a giggle is a giggle, a guffaw is a guffaw no matter what the trigger!!!
Enjoy the ride of the unleaded sounds a hoot!

Anonymous said...

wife made me stay up to watch the afl players music review at the end......i guess i'm not the target audience.

Anonymous said...


Katja said...

I'm so embarrassed to even know you! You watched the Footy Show? Oh god, please no!