Friday, July 18, 2008

One small garment to a man. One near orgasm for womankind.

I may have mentioned it before, but I have been on a diet. And it has been successful - thanks for asking. In fact, I have lost about 15% of my body weight since starting. And strangely enough, some of it has even come off my breasts.

Now I am a well endowed woman, so bra-shopping is always fraught with fear and frustration. There are pitifully few bras that are both pretty and functional for the, ahem, larger bust. Fewer still that are at a reasonable cost. I came to the realisation that I seriously needed to buy some new bras, and whilst it is sale time, it could be an opportune time to look. Subtle and I were out shopping when I decided to look. Ok, I was shopping, Subtle was being a really good boyfriend. When it came time for me to head to the lingerie section, I asked him if he had any preferences for colour or style. His only comment? "Will they come off?". Ok, so he is easily pleased. He begged off and left me to my own devices.

Buying bras without the assistance of sales staff, or a runner, means that everytime one doesn't fit, I have to redress and dash around the floor collecting new sizes and styles. This may have happened a few times since not only did I not know what size I was, I was different sizes in every bra I tried on.

Finally I was proud to have a delightful collection of some practical, but also some VERY pretty bras. One bra was particularly comfortable and on sale and all bunches of happy boobs resulted in its wear. So happy am I and my mammaries with this item, I subsequently rang other stores in this state looking for more of the same. A reconnaissance mission was started to purchase every last remaining bra in my size. Perhaps it wouldn't have been so bad if I didn't have to enlist Subtle to pick one up for me. Apparently, he feels somewhat sheepish, and a little pervy going into the lingerie section. For someone who likes to perve on women.... he is surprisingly coy. But pick it up he did - and I was most grateful, and he didn't even complain too much.

But apparently I went over the edge in eliciting the help of my parents who live interstate in acquiring more of this joy-making brassiere. I rang a store, paid for the items and got my parents to go and get them for me. Subtle, I believe, was more than a little perplexed. He sees only a foundation garment. I see true happiness in supported and caressed breasts.

All day, every day.

No extremes are too great in the search of the perfect bra.


katja said...

May I just say that maternity bras, comfortable as they may be, completely suck when it comes to looking nice, unless you want to pump those puppies up even more than they already are?

I was a 14C in February. I'm now a 16DD in July. Pity me, all ye women of the world - this much boobage is just no fun.

Deenie said...

No extreme is too great alright! I'm a 14/16A. A!!!! Near impossible to find and usually near impossible to wear since they make the fuckers so tight for the smaller-breasted lady. However, I recently found a total winner with built-in concealed chicken cutlets and everything. You better believe I will be stockpiling!