Thursday, July 03, 2008


So now that I have a boyfriend, the tasks, and criticisms begin.

The criticisms have come in the form of comments like, "Oh, you will be so boring now that we can't live our lovelives vicariously through you.". I think the only response to that one is 'Bite Me'. Although, I believe there are still stories lurking in the past that have yet to show up on here, so there maybe some vicariously living still to be done. Of course, now dating someone who is not only, lovely, but is a fellow blogger, and in fact met me through this blog, means that my fodder for writing about our relationship is probably off-limits for now. Subtle did say to me only today, "You aren't going to edit what you write now are you?". And no, I don't want to edit, but I think discretion and respect is the order of the day. Of course, until he does something really hysterical or stupid which needs to be reported! There is also the fact that now when he writes anything on his blog, my friends/readers will start reading it, and perhaps get a different viewpoint on me and my life. Yikes!

Anyway, the tasks that have begun are quite tedious. They involve the emails and phone calls to all the dating agencies and sites that I have employed over the years. Putting dating agencies on hold, and cancelling email-outs from speed dating companies, deleting/hiding profiles on online groups and extracting oneself from Facebook Singles Groups..... I didn't really appreciate how many ways in which I had been looking for relationships. Although places like RedHotPie and Adultmatchmaker probably don't really count as "relationship" sites. But, one tries anything when your options seem slim.

The other interesting thing with dating someone who has been a friend for a little while, but also has been reading every detail of your life for a number of years is that I have no stories to tell. Every time I try to tell him about something, I am told afterwards "Yes, dear, I know. I remember reading it." Hmmmm. But at least in knowing much of the worst there is to know about me, he still likes me regardless! Now that is a bonus.


Mr Subtle said...

"really hysterical or stupid" - yup, so everyone will just have to wait. Something in the order of a week. Perhaps as much as 2.
My dear, you also forgot to mention the "Yes dear, you told me that yesterday/last weekend/while drunk". But I won't make too much of it.
Custom dictates that each person in a relationship has their own space. I know have to consider if blogging is purely one's own space or if it is something that can be shared.
Perhaps a blog entry of my own is in order.
After I've remembered all those stupid usernames for those idiotic websites ...

Anonymous said...

start mnaking up pretend stories?

Perseus said...

Start new blogs under fake names and don't tell each other?