Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting my ego stroked

I met some of Subtle's friends last weekend (well truth be told, I met them a couple of weeks ago, but they invited us to their place for dinner). No pressure at all, but before we went Subtle announced that it was the first time that any of his girlfriends had been invited there for a dinner for four (the friends are a married couple). And before I met the wife of the party, I was told by more than one person that she is very scary. When pressed for details about her scariness - none were forthcoming, just generally scary. There were allusions to her Spanish heritage, that were meant to explain it away. I pointed out, in defence, that I was scary, and I have Sicilian heritage (surely the scariest of the lot?). But apparently, I paled in comparison.

So with some hesitation we ventured forth to their home, where she cooked for us a wonderful dinner and we enjoyed many bottles of wine. And frankly, I can't see what is so scary about this woman. In fact, before the night was out she was showing me her bra collection and making plans for our next foursome gathering. (Yes, I know, you want more details on the bra conversation, but there was nothing lewd about it... but if you want to imagine us swapping clothes and giggling and "accidentally" squeezing each others nipples - who am I to stop you?)

The best part of the evening for me? On the way home in the car, Subtle told me that he was told by his friends, that I was wonderful and for him to "not to stuff it up".


Katagal Kapers said...

Glad to hear the friends hurdle is cleared with room to spare! Frankly Kath my dear, you could hold your own in any company with aplomb!

Perseus said...

I have two comments:

Firstly, I reckon friends are harder to meet / win over than parents in this day and age, so well done.

Secondly, boobs!

Katja said...

Noice work, Ho :)

Anonymous said...

Can't get a better comment than that Miss C ...... well done!

Miss D