Friday, March 13, 2009

Fear and Moving in (not quite) Las Vegas

Excuse my tardiness of late - things are crazy busy at Chez Cath and Subtle. We have decided to move to different premises, and now will be moving within the next two weeks. So it is all crazy packing, and organising, and a bit more packing, and a few phone calls, repeat ad nauseum....

Subtle is accusing me of moving just so we don't have to continue using the cleaner I hired. It isn't that she was bad, so much that I don't think the idea of paying someone to clean is that I still have to come along and fix up the things that they sort of "missed". What makes it worse is that she is a really nice lady. Lucky for me, I just rang the agency and said, "Oh we are moving and we don't quite know what we are going to do at the new place yet [mumble mumble]".

The only good thing about the move (other than being hopefully able to chuck out some stuff that is well overdue), is the opportunity now of buying a new fridge. Yes, I am that sad. But it is shiny, super environmentally friendly and works!

But aside from all that, I have one thought going on in my head these days*. Subtle, god bless him, made a comment the other day about me. He said that I am scary. Although, he did also go on to say that all women, dating men, are scary. It seems that it is the duty of straight men to be scared of their partners. Is this true? Why? Is it fear for a Lorena Bobbit-type revenge if they should do something stupid? Is it based in a man's self-confidence? Or are men only scared of "their" woman if they actually care about them and the future of that relationship? I can tell you that I am sure that Bond was never scared of me, and I doubt that too many other men I have dated had fear constantly coursing through their veins. But is that because they were not in love with me? Anyway, interested on people's thoughts. Don't mind me, I will be off sharpening my knives.

*OK, I always have about a million of thoughts concurrently spinning around, but let us just concentrate on one for now.


Grumpy Young Gal said...

I have been called scary by men and women which I can and can't understand. Did you get any clarification on why you were scary? Surely not your instant attachment of love for the fridge!? Confidence in a woman is known to be scary to some. Interesting thought about men only being scared of "their" woman and the future...that's very believable. But you know I think we are all a bit scared of the unknown. Men should turn their fear into excitement about the possibilities that a fabulous woman can open up to them.

Anonymous said...

suburb details?