Thursday, April 09, 2009

Lessons in Meditation required. Along with a cheap caterer!

All things are going crazy at Chez Cath and Subtle at the moment. We have moved house, to a lovely new townhouse with plenty of room for Miss Isabella and our myriad of crap*. The place has boxes aplenty which provides Isabella with hours of amusement - well minutes anyway. I am awash with stress over organising the house and with organising a wedding.

JESUS. I am getting married in less than four months! How did that happen?

*deep breaths*

One would think that having been married before, I could whip up a little marital soiree without blinking an eye. What do you need to do after all... arrange somewhere to get hitched, find somewhere to maybe swill back some booze and snacks after, a frock to where and maybe some way to tell people about it all. But no, it isn't that easy is it. Most of the time, Subtle and I are careful *not* to use the word wedding when talking to venues etc, for fear of the seeming ability of anything related to weddings to be more expensive. This is the time that one calls on favours and finds people who know people who can do things that might help. You know a celebrant? Are they cheap? I heard you bake? Want to do a cake? You know, that sort of thing.

Unfortunately, my usual level-headedness (do *not* laugh) is starting to take a sideways manouevre and the beginnings of a bride-zilla are forming. I know that I have been snappy lately to Subtle, but his usual calm, laidback, relaxed nature, is causing me some grief at the moment. I seem to have a list of things to do that should have been done (according to all the bridal magazines and organisational guides) about six months ago. And strangely he looks at me with nothing to do and his only repeated comment so far has been related to wanting taste tests of wedding cakes! If he isn't careful, I maybe placing a cake somewhere he doesn't want it!

Oh bring on marital bliss......

* Subtle might dispute that the crap is an "our".... apparently it is mostly mine.


KittyMeow said...

Gee moving house AND planning a wedding! Dunno how you do it ;-)

Anonymous said...

You've written 'frock to where'.

Katja said...

Honestly, the first thing I'd do is close the mags and make a list of the things that you want to do and have, run it past a couple of people to check there are no gaping holes. I'd then hit teh interwebs and Google those things as the mags only show stuff that people have PAID to display. Except for that Real Weddings one, they actually feature (wait for it) real weddings.

My mum has a fabulous fruit cake recipe which was the top layer of our wedding cake. We got someone else to decorate it and make the bottom chocolate layer.

I've found all of my stuff from 2004 and will email it to you - there may be something helpful in there maybe, planning-wise?


Grumpy Young Gal said...

I, of all people, do know a celebrant!!!! Yes I do! I only remember because I am working with her at the festival at the moment. I shall obtain contact information for you. Stand by.

Anonymous said...

Oh Miss C this can all be quite easy .... definitely close the magazines and keep them SHUT; make a list as Katja suggested; invite a few of your friends around for a few bottles of bubbles; pull the list out, grab that whiteboard , pink whiteboard markers and start brainstorming EVERYTHING .... eventually you will be able to pull out the really good answers and ideas and you'll be surprised how many people, know people who know people who can do excellent things for not a lot of money. By the way I know people who have some beeautiful blue chiffon bridesmaids dressings - just say the word baby, just say the word!

Anonymous said...

These guys are good -, we're using one. And prices are better than most. Definitely meet with the people first.

As for cakes,, my best friend J will look after you!