Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I am not sure if I am full of anything particularly interesting to write about right now. But I felt I should drop by and say hello before I am off on holidays again. Well, holidays is probably a stretch of a term since I am going to be touring with my choir through Germany and surrounds for 21 days. It will be exciting and interesting, but also hard work and frankly, bus tours make me want to shoot people. Subtle has been arming my iPod with lots of TV shows/movies/audiobooks so that I will not have to talk to people on the bus and can while away the hours travelling absorbing something interesting. Of course, it chooses this year to be one of the coldest winters on record... go me!

With the change of year (NOT DECADE PEOPLE... that is next year!), once again, loathe as I am to make resolutions, I am still keen to think about things I would like to do/achieve/change in the coming year. Of late I have been doing a lot of sewing again, and really enjoying the creative process. I would like to continue to explore this and expand my skills and maybe even make something without screaming and yelling at the machine. Subtle has already benefited from my reinvigorated interest by getting a unique Cow shirt from my very own hands, which makes me smile whenever he wears it. I would also like to formally put together the family recipes that have been passed down to me in some sort of photo book. Homey recipes they may be, but they are part of my history and I would like to record this for the future. And obviously, Subtle and I will continue back on our path of procreation. Of course, he will read that sentence, and just hear "mmm sex!".

I hope the new year has brought all of you good things. Any plans for 2010?


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and you have lovingly agreed to help me sew a few things. haven't you? i'm sure you did. well, i know deep down that's what you would just love to do.