Saturday, June 15, 2013

Week 7 - Finishing the Lining of the Bag

We are getting so close to a finished bag now!  This is a relatively simple week, and in a lot of ways, is just like the week we put together the exterior of the bag. Most of the pieces are ready to go, just a bit of basic assembly is required.

You will have a number of pieces ready, namely, the base, the sides, and a front (or back).  The pieces for the back (or front...) are the two pieces you completed last week with the zippered and gathered pocket in place.  You will need the three interlining and internal strip pieces, and pin one set  to one side of the zippered/gathered pocket combination (as shown at right).

Sew in place with the 1/2" seam, followed by pinning the other gathered/zipper pocket combination to this set, and then again sewing in place. This set of lining and interlining, forms the central panel between these two pocket sets.

A bit of neat top stitching on the central panel, at 1/8" from the seam will strengthen and neaten this up.

You will then repeat this step for the other strip sets, to provide panels to either side of the pocket combinations.  I would recommend lots of pinning to make sure that you get the gathered pockets straight along your panel pieces.  When the side panels are sewn in place, you will have one large piece as shown below, with two pocket combination panels, separated with a centre panel and two side pieces, which will match up to be same size as the opposing front/back piece.

As for the external pieces, you will be making cross markings at the base of the pieces to indicate the end of the stitching.  Keeping to these marked crosses ensures that the base will fit in correctly!

Start attaching the internal pieces together by attaching a side piece to either side of the front, and then finally, the back, to form a ring of the internal pieces.

At left, shows the front attached to the two side pieces, awaiting the final back piece in place.  Remember to not sew past the marked crosses!

As for the exterior of the bag, carefully pin the base in place, along the front interior bag piece.  Sew from mark to mark.  Repeat pinning and sewing for the back interior piece and finally the sides.  All seams should fit "inside" the marks made.

You should then have a lovely interior sewn together!

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