Friday, January 23, 2004

So my stomach is churning and turning and generally making me feel odd all over - what is it????? Surely this CANNOT be all over some silly boy!!! Yes, readers, I am afraid that it is. Just got another couple of SMS's from Himself - and instantly my anguish returns.

I have been having weird dreams of late - well realistically, when are dreams ever NOT weird. Last night I had one featuring my ex-husband and phones. It appears that in my dream I was intrigued in finding the mobile phone tower in some small town (the ex. used to be telecommunications), and then discovered that my mobile phone had been stolen, but replaced with another one that I did not know how to use. (For the detail freaks, my Nokia was stolen and replaced with a Siemens - go figure that one out).

I am on my way out for drinks with a girlfriend (and some friends of hers). I would like to feel a little more excited that I do, but I suppose my mind is occupied (foolishly) on Himself, and thinking about what there will be there that I cannot both eat and/or drink. Diet day No 6 nearly completed and going well, gym first thing this morning (this MUST mean I am serious - I leave bed for NOTHING!). We will see how happy I am tomorrow after a weigh-in tomorrow!

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