Monday, March 29, 2004

I could go on about how busy I have been not to have posted anything of late - but really, who cares about the excuses!

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day about his testes. Not the usual conversation one expects to have with a male friend, and certainly not one that I am NOT sleeping with. It appears that a woman that he was interested in bedding enquired as to the current state of his testes and their hair content. He sought my opinion on this matter. I must say that I have not ever put much thought into the hairiness (or otherwise) of the family jewels - least of all this particular friend. Apparently this woman was a fan of the nude teste (and perhaps more I dare say) - and he wanted my opinion - not only on the teste factor, but also on the hair removal options one could employ for said procedure. I hastened to add "just how hirsute can they be!". My take of the situation was that he should do what he feels comfortable with, especially with regards to one's genitalia and if he wants to leave them as nature intended, then she should just cope with it.

Apparently he shaved. She was happy. I stand amazed.

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