Wednesday, June 30, 2004

All this way.... for this?

Ok, so more from me all the way from merry old England. My astounding discoveries for this trip have been few, but I shall share nonetheless.

(i) The floor of the National Portrait Gallery is FANTASTIC for tap-dancing.

(ii) Selfridges is possibly the coolest shopping emporium on the planet. Not only was the atmosphere less pretentious than its more famous competitor, Harrod's, but the salespeople (particularly Gucci) are the most divine men on the planet.

(iii) One of the British persons at the work conference (the reason for this visit) spoke EXACTLY like Austen Powers. (The great irony is of course that AP is voiced by an American.... and even more disturbing - this fellow was talking about work things - eewwwww!!!)

(iv) Paid my fortune to ride to the top of the over-rated ferris wheel... oops dont say that - the London Eye - to find at the exact moment it bucketed down obscuring the 'famous' 40km radius view..... hmmm.

That is all for now.... more to come!

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