Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A non-religious experience

In the space of 12 or so hours I have experienced possible the best and worst that the male species has to offer.

After the delightful experience that is flying for long distances, I arrived home Sunday morning - tired but very happy to be home. After a little nap, I logged on to receive the many e-missives that were awaiting me. To my delight, I found on-line a boy who had recently admitted to wanting to wander down the pathway of a relationship with me, albeit in "baby-steps". Of course, in light of that revelation, I was immediately intimate with him - in the biblical sense. (I will only interject here to say that I have heard this line before, but still decided it was the truth.) So, we started chatting, only to have him say that in the past week (whilst I was overseas) he had sex with someone else. He then went on to say that he didn't have to tell me, but thought he would be honest with me. He then had the temerity to wonder why I was taken aback because "we aren't an item". I begged to differ! So, needless to say, his number has been removed from my phone (again!) and much thanks is owed to my dearest S who consoled me.

So then the day continued... I went to my usual Sunday eve locale for bevvies, food and fine entertainment (and a big shout-out to you boys!). In the course of the evening I began conversing with a lovely lady who declared that, "You just have to meet my brother!". Now can I tell you that a sister's recommendation of a beau is generally not that meaningful, so I begrudgingly nodded my assent to meeting him - at which point she rang him and got him to come to meet me that very second. Well, bloggers, I am happy to report that he (B) was delightful company. He took me, his sister and J to a lovely little wine bar where he treated us to lovely wine, and turned to me and said "Do you like Foie Grois?". A girl could go dizzy with this sort of decadent, but delightful, encounters. Anyway, at an opportune moment when we were alone, he leaned in, took my hand, looked into my eyes longingly and asked if I would be interested in dinner with him. I believe it took all my strength to not leap to my feet and scream out "HELL YES!!!!".

So from the anti-Christ to an angel: all in one day. Nice work is all I can say.

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