Thursday, June 03, 2004

Not quite a Requiem - but maybe Aria for a Dream?

I tend to dream a lot - and rarely do they seem to make any sort of sense. Last night I dreamt that I lost my handbag - and a fabulous handbag it is too (thank you Catherine Manuell - I prostrate myself at the shrine of your magnificence!!). But also in this curious dream, a girlfriend of mine was offering me advice (as she is wont to do in my waking hours as well). She said that although she believes there is theoretically someone for everyone - she just cant imagine who it would be for me - and if such a person indeed existed. It was a very confronting dream and certainly did not put a spring in my step this morning.

This made me think of other conversations about dreams. I went on a date once with a boy, B, who within a half hour of the date relayed to me a dream that he had had during the previous night's slumber. In this dream, he was chewing off his left hand. Taken aback as I was, I probed further. There are multitudes of theories about what dreams may or may not mean. Some people ascribe the powers of foresight, and others just assume it is the sub-conscious cleaning out its filing system. Nevertheless, I pursued this line of conversation with B. He stated that he believed that indeed his dream meant something quite profound. Apparently, as he was eager to tell me, he was indeed a south-paw and masturbated everyday with said hand.

Now I have no problem with the sharing of personal information, but must admit to being quietly shocked by this revelation at so soon a juncture in our acquaintance. Interestingly, at the end of evening, he said, "Thanks, but no thanks. You are just too forward for me."

Now that was a shock!

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