Wednesday, June 09, 2004

When you run out of fish.... what then?

I think I have officially run out of men to date. I went to a speed dating function the other night - not my first of these events. But this time, the quality of gentlemen on offer took a significant downturn. There was the man who used his 7 minutes with me to describe his three most significant, by which I mean bad, relationships.

Then there was the gentleman who has purchased his parents home and moved into their bedroom - I will leave that one there! And there was the gentleman who seemed to have no hobbies and no significant interests, and a job that can best be described as mind-numbingly dull. When asked what his hobbies were he immediately said reading and music. I endeavoured to make the best of my 7 minutes with him and enquired as to any favourite authors that he may have. It then transpired that he had no favourite authors and really didnt read that much. And as for the music, the artist that came to mind most prominently for him was John Farnham. Please.....!!! Give me something to work with!!!!

Anyway, I think the evening reached its true nadir when a gentleman sat down and I thought he looked incredibly familiar to me. It was then that we realised that we had met at another speed dating event. So it is official - I have dated every available man in Melbourne - to the point that I am re-dating the same men!

The following day after the event, the company sends out emails telling you of any mutual matches that were made between you and the men of the evening. Unsurprisingly - I scored nil on the matches. I can't say that I was surprised and all that disappointed.

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