Saturday, June 26, 2004

WOMD found in on board luggage!

I have recently arrived in London for a whirlwind tour - actually called a work junket but I digress and have already been confronted by a roomful of Americans in the breakfast room of my hotel. As per usual they were stereotypically loud, obnoxious and altogether too grating for me - especially after limited sleep on the plane.

But dear readers, this Blog entry was not to give time to other travellers - it is to report on a matter of terrorist importance. It appears that during my 2 hour stopover in Hong Kong last night, I have made it onto an international listing of suspicious characters. Actually me and a fellow traveller (I think he was on the other side of 80, but wily I am sure!), both made the suspect list. It appears that in the minds of today's hyper-aware security conscious airport personnel, the possession of Insulin injection devices (aka Needles and such) - I am considered a little scarey. Many people (especially men strangely enough) can attest to me being a little scarey at times, but generally not because of my medication!

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to London.
We missed you at CATS.
Have a great trip.