Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Live and Let Live..... just not with me!

I have recently decided, that due to finanical limitations (self-imposed I will mention), to get a flatmate. Now, I think that I am fabulous to live with - don't we all - but I can't say that I have ever had wonderful living experiences with flatmates. And that makes me all the more hesitant to undertake it again. But I decided that money was more important than my sanity!

Thankfully, so far my new flatmate, T, is proving to be good to live with. Not that he is as neat as me, and it is definitely not the same as living my oneself - but amazingly, I am finding that he is easy to come home to and I look forward to talking to him. Go figure!

Previous flatmates have proven a little tiresome to say the very least. One flatmate was possibly the most repugnant person I have encountered. There is some sort of fallacy that exists that women are neater than men. I can tell you that my flatmate, C, was possibly the anti-christ when it came to hygiene. Now I decided to live in a two-bed/two-bath abode to ensure that there were no awkward morning shower arguments. But in many of these arrangements, the main bathroom (hers) also houses the laundry. So I still would need to enter her bathroom for the weekly wash. One week I entered said room (after ensuring that she was not in there!), to almost step upon her discarded clothes. Fair enough, one might say. But said garments were of the "under" variety and still possessed an item of female hygiene stuck to the inner surface. (Need I go into any more detail????) The ick factor here went into overdrive.

Needless to say, not a completely happy living situation and since then I have not sought out flatmates of the female variety. Comparing that with leaving the toilet seat up...... I can cope with the seat a lot better!

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Anonymous said...

this is not the right spot to put it but I did the classic Movie Test. I am the Riders of the Lost Ark. I live for adventure, fortune-hunting,and danger. So you can take from that what you will. ;-)