Thursday, July 22, 2004

A few rules before we go on.....

I have a few interesting, albeit quirky, traits to my character which make me definitely unique. There are things that all of us do to make us feel comfortable in our own home, and some of these things become rules of sorts by which we live. For example, I cannot abide by towels being hung haphazardly - corners should match. I love slipping between ironed sheets on my bed. And an open drawer or cupboard door will drive me to drink.

In the bedroom, by contrast, my rules are quite simple. When it comes to antics bound by the bedroom (or whatever is available when the flatmate is not home), I am willing to be adventurous, creative, and full of fun - as long as the main rules are abided by. These rules are simply the following;
(i) There should be lighting - ideally candles, sunlight, heck even the bedroom lights on, but there certainly should not be darkness. I want to see what I am working with. I want to see reactions. And,
(ii) No sex after 10:30pm on "school" nights. This is a simple one really based on the fact that men may be able to roll over and snooze post-coitally - but I know me, and I find myself energized and want to stay awake. So late night sex during the week will always prove tiresome the next day.

That's it really. I think that there is a great deal of latitude within those boundaries for everyone to have some fun.

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Pear said...

Why does one think that you may had some very recent experience in this area???? Has the grooming been completed and appreciated I wonder???? Or is one just trying to pass on some delicate instruction???
Miss K (from Sydney)