Thursday, July 15, 2004

Hits and kisses

A girlfriend, L7, once commented to me that she is an extremely good kisser. I protested at this statement, since I have been told, more than once, that I am an exquisite kisser. And I have heard a few others make such claims as well. But how can we all be fabulous, since I know that I have kissed some persons with atrocious technique - and they might also think that they kiss alright. Well, she further her comment by saying that she also believed that one considers someone a good kisser if they kiss like yourself.

In the past week, I have been fortunate enough to kiss two different gentlemen. The first has featured here before, the anti-Christ A (don't ask). He possesses a certain amount of sexual chemistry that I find quite alluring, but kissing him, although passable, was a little tedious and had me wiping my mouth afterwards (excess saliva is never attractive). On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, B, (sigh!) is amazing. We are at that amazing stage of a new relationship where you can't get enough of them, don't want to leave each other, everything they say is witty, everything they do is charming and every touch is filled with fire. But the kisses! We kissed and kissed last night: deeply, gently, passionately and playfully. Our tongues danced, our lips met and parted. It was truly beautiful, and perhaps one of the singularly most sensuous moments of my life. Even thinking about it today made my stomach flip and brought a smile to my lips. I look forward to more of this!

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