Tuesday, July 13, 2004

What colour are you?

There are some questions that should be pretty simple to answer. Height? Weight (when you choose to divulge that sort of information)? Sexual orientation? But the one question that slips me up every time is eye colour.

I seem to get get all befuddled when trying to pin my colour down to just one category. Of the limited options available on any pigeon-holing type form, I usually default to "Brown". But I always feel that "Brown" is such a second rate eye colour. Ok, not all of us can be Elizabeth Taylor and claim violet eyes, but when there is a little deviation from the norm one wants to exploit it all one can. My eyes have a large amount of green, located on the periphery: laterally and inferiorly in true medical lexicon. Of course, in dimly-lit environs, such details can be hard to spot. So picture a romantic dinner (definitions of romance to come in future blog entries), candle-lit with lovely wine, a gorgeous meal and handsome gentlemen leaning in to comment, "You have such beautiful brown eyes." It probably did a little to dispel the magic of the moment when I began my long and complicated explanation that my eyes really aren't brown... blah blah blah.

To his credit, B managed to suppress a smirk - probably bemused by my soap-boxing over such a trivial issue. So the eye description that is unanimous with all the men of my acquaintance, over many years of polling the issue: Come Fuck Me.

Works for me!

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