Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Isn't it a little early for that?

In light of my recent degeneration into romanticism, I am going to attempt pull back the reins on the mush factor and continue entertaining the masses (!) with more interesting stories. But don't hold your collective breaths.

This evening, in about 2 hours in fact, B and my mother are going to come face to face for the first time. Now, B and I have only been seeing each other for just over two weeks, and by anyone's standards meeting any parental units at this point is both highly optimistic and a little confronting. It is of course not by design. My mother lives inter-state and visits rarely. I am leaving on the weekend, with Mum, for a trip overseas for 12 days - which will of course separate me from the beloved. So, with time constraints as they are, I decided that a dinner for three was the best solution for me.

Mum is not fazed by the prospect of meeting the latest and greatest. Thankfully in the past I have not inflicted my parents with numerous boyfriend meetings - just a couple that have made it through the hoops to warrant a parental confrontation. Far scarier meetings await B; my darling friend L7 prioritises the happiness of her friends and as such will closely examine any prospect with the most critical eye. There was a time when an intimate dinner with my mother and a man of my choice would have me more than a little tense. But thankfully, time, maturity and a hefty dose of anti-depressants all round has cured the women-folk of the family from any nastiness that could have potentially ensued.

So cross fingers bloggers for a happy evening - although a juicy story would be helpful for my next entry!

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