Tuesday, August 17, 2004

And now for something more interesting...

There have been complaints that this blog has been a little too romantic of late, so I am hoping that I can now offer a return to form.

My flatmate, T, is going through a stage in life where he seems most happy to entertain numerous young ladies. In my absence, he has met up with a few ladies from the internet and recently I had the opportunity to meet one of these women.

Following my holiday, B and I wanted to spend some alone time together on the weekend. This is proving most difficult with both of us having flatmates who don't ever seem to go out. Anyway, we were at home on Saturday night enjoying a bottle of bubbly and each other's company when T's newest guest arrived. She is a petite blonde (although I think chemistry is involved far more than Mother Nature), who possessed a nail-scratching laugh and a penchant for lurid eye-shadow. Thankfully, T and her retreated at some point to the safety of his bedroom (with her screeching for candles en route).

In the wee hours of the morning when I required a bathroom visit, I noted that there was a toothbrush and toothpaste that I didn't recognise beside the sink. I thought it most curious. When I finally rose in the morning, I was greeted by the two of them, and she was wearing pyjamas - of her own.

I do have to wonder about the mental state of a person who turns up on the first night carrying an overnight bag worth of supplies. I fear that she may be "husband-hunting" with my flatmate - and in that, she will be sorely disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

I think all your romantic experience of late is distorting your memory of the modern and independent sexual woman. It is quite acceptable, and dare I say, pragmatic for a young woman of the 21st century to go on a first date and take an overnight bag, including PJs and toothbrush. Perhaps you need to re-consider your ideas of what is a "date" as they may be "out-dated"!