Wednesday, August 11, 2004

One would think that time away in a restful environment with nothing to do but to contemplate my life, I would have a plethora of things to entertain the readers with. I have to admit that I have had no amazing life-changing thoughts, sudden urges to shift my direction in life or a great realization of where I am going and what I want. I have happily rested. I have read; I have swum; I have sun-baked. Not the sort of stuff that really gets people jumping on-line for.

I have had phone calls every night from B, one of which involved him falling asleep to find that he had made an 8 hour call to me. He took it in stride and amazingly it did not dissuade him from jumping to call me the very next night. Perhaps it is love? It is a nice thought isn't it dear reader. I can honestly say that it has been a long time since I have felt the palpitations that I am experiencing.

Before my holidays I had to pick up the ex, N, from hospital after a minor procedure. On the way home in the car, he rang his girlfriend (who I have finally met and she is lovely). She was asking after him and ended the conversation with the obligatory "Love you", which he freely reciprocated. It is funny that there is so much anticipation with the first "I love you". Who will say it first? Will it be reciprocated? Will it change anything in the relationship? When should it be said (hint: post-coitally/at height of orgasm is NEVER convincing!)?

I fear that I am falling for B, but as long as it is not into an abyss - I should be ok.

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Anonymous said...

>> hint: post-coitally/at height of orgasm is NEVER convincing!

I disagree! My man has this one beat - he is always convincing and as a bonus, I know he actually means it too!!