Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Blogging from foreign locales....

Yet again I am over the seas and far away from home, but this time it is for pleasure and not work. I am travelling with my mother, two women I work/ed with, the mother of one of them and the son of the other. It makes an interesting and cross-generational travelling group. My biggest issue is the fact that I never (well, ok, rarely) travel with people. I tend to enjoy my own company and when on holidays revel in that. Being with people so many hours of the day is draining - but even more so when one of the persons is dominating and another is a black-hole for all the joy in the universe (and apparently a scarey religious nut to boot!).

Two days in and I have been intrigued by the following phenomena; the word "Taksi" being proudly displayed over cars for hire; a meal for seven with drinks for $14; tattooed fish; changeable prices according to "what I want to pay"; the fact that monkey testicles are bigger than humans; and warm smiles of the locals despite the obvious (to me) poverty.

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