Sunday, August 08, 2004

The brain is on holidays....

I am still on holidays in a lovely tropical location where the major stress of the day is deciding which cocktail to begin the afternoon cocktail hour with. (That was bad grammar wasn't it - oh well, sue me!). Having a delightful time sunning myself, between bouts of shopping and a little bit of gastro. Will leave all the delightful details out, but suffice to say, I have decided that beer is the safest drink to consume whilst away!

Holidaying with colleagues (and former colleagues) is interesting to say the least. One of my girlfriends (who has just returned home), is a delight to travel with. We can easily do our own thing, and meet at important times of the day - a la cocktail hour. My other girlfriend here, P, is a little more stressful to be with. She wants to talk shop. Always a worrying thing the concept of holidaying with friends. Sometimes, the holiday can fast-track the death knell for the friendship.

I am spending many hours on ISD phone calls to B - missing him, with a bit of reciprocal miss on his behalf as well I believe. I think when I get home there will be some delivered pizzas and no contact with the outside world for many hours. Sigh.

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