Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I have never been a fan of the personalised number plate on vehicles. The purpose of such a vanity device, as I can see it, is to either advertise that you are a wanker, or help you remember your own vehicle. Either way, it is not me. This morning, I saw one of the most pathetic licence plates that I have yet witnessed. The plate read "IAMLIZ". So not only, does this vehicle owner need reminding of "who" her car is - but also herself.


Anonymous said...

You think that is bad, i turned my head to glance at the car next to me at some traffic lights, thinking it must be a V8, only to behold two fresh faced young asian lads with a hotted up Hyundai, giant muffler, and an air spoiler that would look more fitting on a space shuttle.....as they pulled away.....no. plate...BIG BOY......I dont think so boys!!!

Lawyer Guy said...

Agreed - not only are they generally silly, but I can't imagine that people actually pay *extra* every year to have them.