Sunday, September 05, 2004

Differences of Opinion

With the initial wooing phase well and truly past, B and I have now slipped into some sort of domestic routine. At least once a week he will come over, banish me from my kitchen (not an easy task I can assure you), and proceeds to cook me dinner. He is a very good cook, and not just by boy standards, but in the style of most men - he is incredibly slow. I find I need sustenance to sustain me just to get to the dinner table. But I digress. Often on these nights, we follow up dinner with watching a DVD. This is proving to me most stressful for me.

Like any new relationship (with a beloved one or otherwise), it is part of the experience to find where there is common ground and where there are differences of opinion or taste. When it comes to entertainment, B and I are often poles apart. We agreed on the merits of "Reservoir Dogs" which kept us happily entertained the other eve. [On a side note, for viewers of the DVD version, you must catch the "Reservoir Dolls" featurette - not a little disturbing I have to say.] We also both enjoyed the Japanese classic "Seven Samurai". But from here we seem to part the ways.

I have no shame in admitting to some sort of unnatural admiration, nay, love, for Buffy and the Slayerettes. I own all the DVD's, her visage features prominently on my monitors (home and work), and a "Buffy" watch adorned my wrist during my most recent job interview. B thinks the show is "silly". This comment cut deep. How do I tolerate a man who does not worship the best female role model yet devised (although the Bride in "Kill Bill" comes close)?

Last night we again attempted to watch a movie together. My choice. This gave me much cause for concern, but I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and take a risk for a documentary that I was intrigued to see. The movie in question is "The Corporation". The wonderful Pear recently reviewed as part of the most recent Melbourne International Film Festival and I would recommend you read her review for another opinion. I quite enjoyed parts of it, and indeed it did make me feel guilty about being a shareholder in large corporations and for ever rubbing my hands with glee when another dividend is paid to me. A guilt I can assure that will quickly pass - after all I am essentially a capitalist at heart. But B did not find it quite as entertaining, and indeed felt that it should have been more "balanced". More than once over dinner after the movie, I winced thinking that maybe our opinions on these things are incredibly different as to be insurmountable. Maybe not. Where does healthy debate begin and volatile differences begin?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the warm praise.
Balanced? I think having history's leading capitalist economist, Milton Friedman, and CEO's from companies like Shell add a certain weight to the right leaning argument? Maybe that is just me.
Healthy debate is needed for any relationship to survive, however you need to determine whether your values align. Values are the key to any two people, including employees and employers, living in harmony. If his values differ from yours, it can quickly go from healthy debate to outright antagonism.
In the end though, it all comes down to TV. Not liking Buffy? Ditch the nuff nuff.