Saturday, August 28, 2004

When is the right time?

I am in quandry dear blog-followers. I will admit to never fathoming the opposite sex (I think some of my entries here would prove that point), but what is the story with men and introducing friends? Let me clarify. B and I are now happily up to 7 weeks of dating, which I must say constitutes something of a long-term relationship in comparison of recent history for me. But so far I have not been introduced to even one of his friends. I know that men and women are very different creatures (and not just the dangly bits!) - actually to quote L7 (welcome home!!!), they are a different species entirely. When I am happily involved with someone, I want them vetted through my friends - perhaps as a confirmation that they aren't harbouring psychotic tendencies or something. Are men so self-assured that they don't need or desire someone else's opinion? Are they worried about their friend's opinion? Honestly I really don't know, but as time goes on I come up with crazier and crazier excuses. What brought this rant on? Being ditched by B so he could dine with his brother - hurrumph - me at home alone on a Saturday night - could be time to start inspecting the naval lint.

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Anonymous said...

Oh blog writer .... get over it. The guy probably needed a break from you. 7 weeks is hardly a long term relationship, and the mere fact that you are counting the weeks would make any male feel nervous. And in that time he's met your mother!!! Chill out, let him have some space, or you'll frighten him off.