Sunday, October 03, 2004

Be all you can be - without breaking your neck that is!

I recently happened upon a blog which piqued my interest. Not so much a journal or even a catalogue of events, but an interesting collection of that is happening in one little part of the world of Physics.

Yeah, ok, I am a little geeky on occasion.

Looking through the entries, I skipped past the entries about Laser Interferometry (yawn!), the super-nerdy Physics Olympics (I do NOT want to imagine physicists in tight lycra running shorts) and the article from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. No, I skipped down to the article which of course which would capture my interest. A little article on how high a heel can be to be safely worn.

I wear high-heels ALL the time. This has proved to be a bone of contention with more than one walking partner. Adding into this equation is my less than statuesque height. Short legs, high heels - all adds up to a compromised walking pace. A price I am more than eager to make.

So back to the article. It takes into account a number of variables including; shoe size, price of shoe, amount of alcohol consumed, and the chance of "pulling". It would appear that I can wear a maximum height of 9.6cm. On a quick inventory of my shoes, I have work shoes that are 6.5cm high, and my highest "pick-up" shoes are a paltry 8.5cm high.

It would appear I am not living up to all I can be! So excuse me whilst I go shopping.

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heidi said...

I loves my high heeled shoes, too. Won't give 'em up, though, I will resort to walking barefoot around work in certain shoes.
God love short women in high heeled shoes!!