Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Careers that I shall not undertake...

Following some rather stupid actions of mine where I used the words "commitment" and "future" to B, I again sought the solace of the incomparable S. As ever, his advice was appropriate and he proved himself yet again eerily savvy with what is really going on in my head. So after the tears were wiped away, and some composure was regained I experienced a brief moment of clarity.

I realised that I shall never be a draftsman/architect - because I have no sense of perspective!


Anonymous said...

So b did not react good to your future looks like u timed it wrong. Should have waited to your were havin sex. Then he would have said yes.

Cath said...

I did think about making a comment during sex.... but my mouth was full.

Anonymous said...

Charming Ms C,
just charming!!! I know you'dnever be an architect, because there is no way I would build it!!!!!
just feeling lonely and deciede to reread your past week and live vicariously (sp?)