Monday, October 25, 2004

Confessions and apologies

I have read on-line about the aftermath of one blogger whose significant other found his blog-site. In his blog, he relayed his experiences of using prostitutes. A subject that I am sure his wife found quite offensive. Up until now, B knew of the existence of the blog, but expressed his lack of interest in it. As would only be natural; he changed his mind.

It is of no surprise to anyone, except me perhaps, that he "googled" and found me, and began reading this blog.

And the comments.

From the very beginning.

His revelation to me came the other night after we had enjoyed another delightful evening together. I was upset, nervous and panicked, all at the same time. Fearful of his reaction, feeling a little violated, but also knowing that if you put something out there on the web - it is public space and not appropriate for me to act protective.

I suppose his only real grievance was the thought that I may have feelings or thoughts of someone else. And this is an understandable worry, but there should be no worry. No matter how it may sound B, you are the only one in my heart. I am sorry if you were at all hurt by any thoughts that may have been different. Our private life is indeed very precious, and between us and no-one else.


Anonymous said...

trust me on this one. She is telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows Cath at all well (and we all hope that Brent does) knows that she's a no-holds-barred, all-or-nothing, balls-out, brash, brazen and so utterly honest girl. If she thinks something, she'll say it. Honesty on that level is to be admired. For those out there who are scared of such honesty (for whatever reason), it can be truly daunting. (I'd like to state, for the record, that I have the same honesty rating as Cath and it gets me in trouble too.)

But, B, know this - Cath truly does mean what she says when she says that you are the only one in her heart. Don't be afraid of her honesty, it's part of her beauty and one of the reasons I adore her.

Cath said...

Thanks to the anonymous person who "adores" me. Nice to know!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, ho.