Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Driving Lessons

I love driving my car. I love driving other people's cars. Hey, I am a car slut.

I love driving my car and listening to my favourite CD's REALLY LOUD. With the poor design of most abodes these days, and your inevitable proximity to neighbours, listening to music loudly at home verges on being incredibly self-centred and rude. And then don't even think about singing along with the music. So when I am in the car, you can spot me as the one who is unself-consciously singing along at a screeching volume.

But today I realised something about my in-car musical tastes. I slipped in some very fine Sinatra, turned up the volume and made my way on the freeway to go home. As the lane I was in began to merge with existing traffic, a horn exploded and made me dash to the brake. It was then that I realised that the horn was only on the CD and not from fellow motorists. So I warn you all - DO NOT LISTEN TO BIG BAND MUSIC IN THE CAR.

This has been a friendly community message brought to you by Cath.

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