Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Did you get the memo?

Have you ever noticed the number of rules that we abide by without even thinking about it? There is the unspoken distance between you and the person in front of you at the ATM. The compulsory 'wave' when a car lets you in. The acknowledgement of the queue that has formed at the deli counter and knowing what order you are in that queue. The compulsory "Good, thanks" response when a sales assistant blankly asks you, "How are you today?". There are myriad of such things that we often take for granted.

Yesterday I went for a walk around Princes Park. Apparently, there is some sort of understood knowledge that one walks anti-clockwise around the park. I realised this of course only when I noticed that EVERYONE was walking towards me all the time. I started to feel none to self-conscious - especially when I realised that everyone coming for miles could see me huffing and dragging my very sorry arse around. Also, it also appeared that it was a given that all women would not only be thin, wearing 1970's style running shorts, but also full make-up. Next thing you know, leg-warmers will be compulsory wear. I am so out of fitness fashion!

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