Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The turning point

There is a turning point in any relationship where airport drop-offs/pick-ups become de rigeur. L7 and I have an understanding that we will pick up and drop each other off, when available, no matter the time or day. She thinks she is still deserving of many favours after a pick-up I required at around 5am one morning. Nevertheless, the pick-up/drop-off is an integral part of the turning point in the romantic liaison.

I flew to see friends and family on the weekend in my home-town of Brisbane, or Bris-Vegas as it is more affectionately known. I had not organised my drop-off with the ever-faithful L7, as I was hoping that things with B were now at a point where he would offer. By now, I should realise that men, cute as they are, are more than a little stupid on occasion. No subtlety here - brute force is required. So on Friday night, I mentioned my plans for Saturday which included "finding some way out to the airport". He responded with, "I thought S was taking you?", to which I quickly replied, "oh, no!". He then offered to take me to the airport quite happily. The heart skipped a beat, knowing that this must mean a new phase of relationship.

I am happy to report that not only did he take me to the airport. But, he parked the car, walked me to the check-in desk, stood in line with me at the desk, and then waited to wave me off whilst I went through security.

I will own that I am a sap and easily pleased. Complaints line can start to my left.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think that is really cute.

You cannot help, however, contrast it with your past psycho who came to pick up his 'girlfriend' after 2 daytes!!!!

Cath said...

You are so right. B can call me whatever he likes.... no complaints here.

Anonymous said...

How dare you miss a Sunday night session, on the whim of visiting family....A whole table of trainee priests...can you imagine the fravolity and politically incorrect comments being sprayed around that night!!!!! R

Anonymous said...

Ms C,
well I have to say I am happy for you. you can guess who this is from the first two words, but I am happy fo you anyways :P
Never take it for granteed okay babe, and look after yourself.

Anonymous said...

pingu is right: nothing is guaranteed.
Be careful about applying female logic to "stupid men".

Anonymous said...

new point in your relationship. you read too much into things. he just took you to the airport girl. seems like you need to chill or scare him off