Thursday, October 14, 2004

Decisions decisions...

While I was away over the weekend, I had the great pleasure to catch up with friends and family. Any trip home is always a compromise with whom I can fit in on each particular trip, and who is available. This time I kept the list limited, which afforded me the opportunity to do some real catching up with some friends whom I don't see half as often as I would like.

After we enjoyed some take-away dinner, we sat around watching some television and chatting about all manner of things. During this time, B rang and I explained my current location. My friends television is in their bedroom. So there we were, A to my right, R to my left (with their new child in her arms) and at our feet, two of their cats.

Trying to explain this scenario to B proved a little awkward - how do you explain the intimacy with these people, who have been a part of my life for over 12 years, to someone who has only been around for just over 3 months. These are people who have opened their hearts and home to me on more than one occasion, and who have unconditionally loved me through good and bad. Recently, they have even offered me their "spare" embryos - these are not the sort of people that come along everyday. Nevertheless, B just nodded (or at least that is the way it seemed over the phone!) and I think realised just one more way in which I am different from what he expects.

On a side note, my trip home clarified some personal direction for me, with some help from R. Needless to say, I have made a deeply personal decision in my life, which should keep me on more of an emotionally even keel. It involves a clock, and its not so inevitable ticking. Yippee to me for finally doing something positive in my life!


Anonymous said...

Good to hear gf.
Let's hope the possibility of a kitty cat does send your clock all screwy... ;-)

Anonymous said...

In my defence the clock was defective before I arrived. It passed quality assurance without a "tock." Anyone who has had dealings with this clock would know that its chronological unit markings are (were) Tick *TICK*.

"Hurrah" for its departure I say - ticking clocks (with or without a tock) are a blight on the landscape of humanity. ... and that's not just the shochu talking. R

Anonymous said...

in bed with one than one person and doing nothing. now i call that a wasted op.