Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Alms for the poor - or at least a nice cocktail dress.

I think that I have been spending far too much time hunched over a sewing machine. With the imminent tap show upon me, hours are being spent patching together some makeshift faux-glamour costumes. Thankfully, Pear has kindly recorded these moments for proof - and sympathy.

I had a dream last night that I was shopping for clothes with my mother. And in my dream, I found the perfect outfit. Well, if I describe it, I am sure it will sound rather absurd since it involved pink tulle and beading. But, bear with me, in my dream, I looked gorgeous and feminine. Everything fit the way that it should. The top part of it was generous enough to allow for a "womanly figure". It was flattering to my arse, and gave the illusion that I have a waist.

As it was a dream, all of these things can occur. What shouldn't happen is when I started inspecting the seams of the outfit.

And getting critical.

At this point, I will back away from the sewing machine, put down any needle and thread and beat my head around with a quick-unpick. Oh, if anyone knows where I can get a pink tulle cocktail dress with beading - can you pass on the details?

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Anonymous said...

You're being very quiet, beloved. 9 days between posts - who would have thought it....