Thursday, November 25, 2004

So where have I been? Never you mind!

Ok, that is a little unfair. But suffice to say I have been incredibly busy professionally, personally, and artistically. Fear not, I have returned!

To get everyone up to date: the tap concert was an unparalleled success with me throwing a small tantrum on the opening night. Not due to my performance, nay, due to my perceived reaction from certain members of the audience. In particular, B, and his usual stoic demeanour left me on stage dancing my plastic fruit off, with nary a smile passing his visage. His half-time SMS did little in consoling my burgeoning performer's temperamental ego. Nevertheless, I think there was enjoyment all round.

Next, I had a work conference dinner this week. I attended the dinner with a girlfriend of mine, a fellow physicist, for moral support. As we approached the venue in our taxi, we could see a melee of people on the first floor balcony. I turned to K and commented that that was definitely our function. She said, "How can you be so sure?". I replied, "That many blue shirts - can only be a group of physicists and engineers". Sad to say, but I was correct.

Finally, I have spent the past few days away with work again. Most of my travels with work recently have been to far off and interesting locations. This week I was in Wodonga. There is nothing that I can add here to try and make it seem more exciting and interesting than it was. If nothing else, it gave me some time to read and relax.

I have one task and one task only for this weekend. It is to find something to wear to my work Christmas function next Saturday. Fingers crossed that I can come away with something to wear, and no bloodshed.

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Anonymous said...

But thats so unfair,
I have to work in blue shirts!!! I'M NOT AN ENGINEER!!!!!!!!!!

well, maybe, sort of, sometimes......

I think I'll go shopping then :P