Thursday, December 09, 2004

All Hail the Great Moody One!

If someone were to be kind in a description of me, they might use the word passionate. (They might also use the word loquacious but that is for another blog entry I fear.) When I am "good", I can be full of joie de vivre and provide sparkling repartee (and an inappropriate joke for good measure) in any situation.

But when I am "bad"... as according to Longfellow's poem, I can be just "horrid".

The problem of course is not just the fact that I have these incredible moods. But that they change so quickly and with seemingly little provocation. When my moods are in full flight, I can make Carrie look like she was just mildly annoyed.

So I decided to go to the doctor earlier this week and request a blood test. I have had thyroid problems in the past, and one of the more curious side effects is its effect on mood. Although I have been in remission now for well over five years, there is always potential for it to return, so I remain on the alert for any symptoms. I dutifully presented my arm to the phlebotomist (described by my GP as the "lovely Paul" - and she was right), confident in the fact that the numbers would show quite clearly that the thyroid is misbehaving and I am not insane.

Well the results came through today and sad to say, I have nothing wrong with my thyroid. Here I was hoping to pin my nightmare moods onto something physiological, and it turns out that I am simply just a BITCH.

So as they say in the classics "BITE ME". (They say that in the classics don't they - I am sure they do!)

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