Friday, December 17, 2004

Which instrument are you?

As tempted as I may be to pine about B, I will refrain for the moment. Of course, it still hurts, but it doesn't make good reading.

In the next few days I will be losing my "Messiah" virginity.

Having been in a large choir of one type or another for quite a few years now, I am considered a bit of an oddity not to have performed a "Messiah" yet. Circumstances beyond my control have meant that it has not been possible until this year. So, it is a bit of choral milestone that I am about to face.

Looking over the faces of the members of the orchestra last night, one can easily draw conclusions about the people and their instrument of choice. I once heard that people don't choose an instrument; it chooses them. Maybe so, but what would you say if the instrument that chose you was something completely un-sexy.

Many people find the cello the sexiest of all instruments. Having dated a cellist, I cannot disagree. Perhaps it is due to the fact that the instrument is so lovingly cradled between the legs, that it renders a certain erotic value. Artistic interpretations of cellos, like the beautiful work of Man Ray lend a feminine and sensuous mystique to the instrument.

But, I ask you - what would possess anyone to play the French Horn? I am sure it is a fine instrument, but any instrument that requires fisting as part of the playing technique - is not for me.

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La Chat Noir said...

Ran across your blog, and I like your writing style. I'd have to agree, cellos are hot... And I also like French horns, because they are so difficult to play well, but when done it's such a gorgeous pitch and range. Almost as if the instrument is moaning, weeping and dancing ... I would probably be a trombone. Able to underscore the orchestra, but most often crass and in your face!