Saturday, January 08, 2005

Social zenith?

This is a curious time of year for me. I think that 12 years of schooling, followed by several at university has meant that December/January will always be associated with holidays. I find it difficult to be particularly motivated, because I have forever etched this time of year with summer holiday work and the wait till classes resume.

At the moment, I am itching for something to do. I am on "summer break" from tap dancing, choir and book club. Thus, I find that my nights stretch endlessly on, and the weekend can only be filled up with DVD's and housework. It does lead me to wonder, what do "normal" people do with their time? I don't watch television (and certainly not to just fill in time). I don't have a home to renovate, or a garden to garden. I have no desire to make quaint and interesting folk art pieces. I don't want to press flowers or make my own candles. Basically, I don't want to do anything to degenerate myself into any more of a sad fuck than I already am!

So today, I joined the library. Oh yeah, I am at the cutting edge of the Melbourne social scene.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could try decoupage or paper doiley making. Is that how you spell doiley???

Miss T