Friday, January 07, 2005

Three positives and one negative

For those who are wondering, I have as yet not purchased a cat. When I told a girlfriend of mine of my intentions, she declared that I would be better at "looking after a man" than I would be "looking after a cat". I think that speaks volumes. Considering my record with boyfriends, it would be a crime to leave me in charge of an animal one would think.

So a new year has begun and, so has my never-ending cycle of partner hunting. The boy-du-jour is lovely and sweet. He is a far departure from B, but this could be neither bad nor inappropriate. Positive things of note in the new boy (note: as yet he is NOT the boyfriend, nor even MY boy, so for now, just THE boy):
1. He has a piercing; not ear, not penis, but happily positioned for my benefit.
2. He is neat. And when I say neat, I mean " towel edges straight, books aligned just-so" neat. Be still my anal beating heart! *sigh*
3. He is very affectionate. Displays of physical affection are many and varied - and given with little self-consciousness.

Negative things:
1. He has a son. From his second (yes, second) marriage.

Keep posted fellow bloggers......

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