Friday, January 21, 2005

Three strikes?

I could try and make this entry some profound and enlightening epistle on discoveries of late, but I am afraid that inspiration is thin on the ground these days.

I have of course returned to the fray of dating - or at least attempting to.

Two dates in the past week probably counts as a relatively high score, although the first didn't realise it was a date. To quote himself, "Is this a date? I thought we were just catching up!". I declined my urge to define that "catching up" infers a previous meeting, from which you establish what has happened since that time. Considering this was our first meeting, "catching up" was an ill-suited interpretation of our evening. Further, I must admit that when a gentleman gives you his phone number, it implies a certain amount of interest on his behalf. Perhaps I am naive in such matters, but I assumed that we were at least of an understanding with this at least. Apparently not. The evening ended with him declaring, despite his earlier protestations about lack of interest in relationships, that he would definitely be calling me. To his credit, he already has. Twice.

My second date was destined always to be little more than a drink and a chat. Too young and immature. Too much arrogance. No chemistry.

Tomorrow I have a date with another gentleman, whom I met via the internet. I do not know what he looks like, although he has seen a (very flattering if I say so myself) photo of myself. The whole concept of meeting someone in a public place at an appointed time smacks far too much of "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail" for my liking. I am certainly no Meg Ryan, and I certainly do not desire to meet my equivalent Tom Hanks. I did offer, with heavy irony, to turn up with a red carnation, for ease of identification.

Apparently we are to meet for a movie - my choice. So what do I pick? Do I suggest "Kinsey" or is it inappropriate on a first meeting to see a movie dealing with sex and society. Or should I tread safer ground and offer to see some brainless pap like "Elektra", which will at least not plant ideas, but may give my date plenty of opportunity to ogle Jennifer Garner. Happily, no matter what we see, it shall provide ease from any potentially awkward silences, and an excuse for me to get to the movies this weekend.

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Jennifer Garner has a fan site??
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