Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Heaven on a stick

What defines your Nirvana? Where do you go to reclaim some sense of self and some inner calm?

Some people meditate - but I just end up falling asleep. Some people like to get in touch with nature, be it gardening, or just wandering in a park. Movies can be a wonderful escape, but if the movie is disappointing, then it negates the entire experience. Cooking can be cathartic, but sometimes the emotions are too much in turmoil to give the food the proper attention it deserves. Reading sometimes requires more energy and focus than you may be capable of giving. Physical activity is where some people can release emotion and draw some solace. Heck, I am sure this is part of the reason some people seek out religion. But none of these options quite suit me.

Today I sought out my one true location for respite. A place that guarantees an even rate of breathing, a happy countenance, and just for a little while, all seems good in the world. Wandering around in my little piece of paradise, my thoughts could happily bounce around - none resting too long to ever become too bothersome. My mind could think of times when life seemed easier and troubles fewer.

Where was I dear blog-follower? Stationery. Shopping amongst pens and paper, rulers and folders. A sea of consumables, and diaries, and noticeboards. Erasers and protractors, and all manner of implements.

There you go. The two things that make my life the curiosity and wonderment that it is, and provide me with endless joy: stationery and butchers.

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